get  to



 W-wall ball-nuff said!

  O-outstanding-stick tricks, unique wall ball, a cool shot or dodge.

 R-reps-shooting, footwork, dodging.

  K-killer-send in what you are doing to challenge yourself.

     The WORK  awards.  In light of social distancing and the boredom many are faced with--it's time to get to WORK  !  Make a video of your Wall ball routine, send in your best stick tricks or an Outstanding shot you've been working on, do some Reps and inspire us with your footwork routine or shooting practice reps or doing dodges, get in that Killer workout-send a video of your running routine or strength training-what is your killer routine to help you get better?  The BESt things are accomplished in the hours spent in the backyard.  Why not share them with the lax world!!  PLEASE email short videos or youtube or vimeo links and your videos willl be posted and become a video library of kids working hard at lacrosse!!

Here's some examples: