The Daily Dub.

I want to win. I am very competitive. These days, I face my competition each and every day and I am determined to get the Dub!!

I have the Mamba mentality against Parkinson’s disease (PD). Funny thing is that the first win is to take my medication on time throughout the day. Coming from a person who didn’t really even like to take tylenol before my diagnosis, My 10 pills a day are essential to my Daily Dub. A plan and goals are a huge part of having success in every day and all I do. The last thing I want is for PD to get a Dub.

If PD is ahead, it can cause lots of symptoms--slowness, stiffness a change in gait (meaning I shuffle around like a little old lady) and of course tremors. It also causes dyskinesia which is only in my feet and causes them to “cramp” or lock in place-this is a true pain in my rear! My medicine regulates my symptoms and I can almost be somewhat normal-if that is possible( hahaha). Exercise is a huge part of winning the PD daily battle.

Along with the actual steps to accomplishing my goals, comes my most important weapon which is to have a positive attitude! My neurologist gave me a booklet on deep brain stimulation at my recent visit. He said it is a long way off and I plan on keeping it that way. While I am extremely grateful for the wonderful treatments out there, I will only read that information when it is necessary. My focus is on my Daily Dubs-not future fears or things that are outside of my control! I choose to keep good and encouraging thoughts in my mind rather than “what if's” or “why me's?”

Life is not easy--we all learn that in many ways. It can be unfair-that is how life goes. Regardless of the cards that I am dealt, I’m absolutely going to fight tooth and nails to win and be successful!

Having a disease is a special thing. It sucks-yes, but is special none-the-less. My two beautiful daughters have basically lived longer with me as their mom with PD than without. They were 8 years old when I was diagnosed and are 17 now. I’m sure that I embarrass them sometimes--that’s my job as a parent. For them to grow up with a mom who has a degenerative, incurable disease is not the norm. It has made them more sensitive. They are helpful and kind to me. It has given them a different perspective on life and as I watch them go through “Life’s not fair” type trials, they handle them well and also with a fight to make a Dub out of whatever comes their way as well.

I’ve started writing about life with a disease several times and yes-it probably seems weird blogging about having a disease on a lacrosse “NEWS” website. I share my victories because I want everyone to have perspective. Knowing others overcome their struggle will help us to be thankful for each healthy day your have! For every girl out there, please don’t forget that every day is a gift and remember to cherish each day that you can grind, and kill it in every aspect physically. Don’t complain when you run, be grateful that you have healthy legs to run on--just ask anyone who’s torn an ACL about that one.

There’s no guarantees in life. Life doesn’t always go as we plan or would like it to go. Tomorrow, your life could suddenly change! One of my favorite quotes is: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude!” My goal each day is to positively get through each day living with a heart full of gratitude and the Mamba mentality to overcome every obstacle I face. I am going to win and get my Dub each day.

What do you need to do to get some Daily Dubs?

Think about what you are facing and how you can get a win! If your life is hunky dory, then you should wake up and feel overwhelmingly thankful for all that is well with you! Start every day with a positive attitude and end each day with a full heart knowing that you are going to sleep with your Daily Dub accomplished! Don’t just go through the motions of life you should gratefully live-and-live gratefully! You can make it through anything that comes your way. I hope as I strive to get my Daily Dubs others will be motivated to do the same! Remember: Attitude, Graditude, Goals, + Focus=a Dub! If you like to win-just do it!

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