As I was Reading the multiple submissions from Raina Richard’s coach and teammates I felt captivated. Not only does Raina stand out as a player, but she shines as a leader on and off the field. Raina scored the game winning goal during overtime of her team’s season opener!!!!! That’s what Sunshine State Players of the week do-get it done on the field and off!

Raina’s coach remarks, “Raina is a total team player.” The Pedro Menendez High school coach, Emily Murphy, explains that the sophomore “(Raina) is a top scorer for our team, but she is also always looking for the best feeds. If the feed isn't there, she knows when to be patient and keep looking and when to the take initiative to go to cage.”

What strikes me the most about this incredible young lady are these next few sentences about our second SUNSHINE STATE PLAYER OF THE WEEK:

“Raina is a great role model; she is constantly volunteering; She works hard in school; puts in extra time at the gym after practices. She’s a great example for her teammates by being a quiet leader. She doesn't get frustrated when mistakes are made, instead she keeps working hard and encourages her teammates to do the same.”

“Raina is a talented young player who is still cultivating her skills, while motivating the rest of her team to stay behind the vision of success!”

In the first three games of the season, Raina has scored 12 Goals (4 per game) including the game winning goal in overtime against Oak Hall; she had 2 assists; 10 draw controls; 3 caused turnovers and 1 ground ball.

Here’s some quotes from Raina’s teammates:

“Raina is such an amazing team player who is continuously passionate about helping others, while performing on the field with 100% of her effort and positive attitude. She is exceptionally consistent in picking up ground balls, interceptions and causing turnovers. Raina is tremendously optimistic and self-controlled during lacrosse games, despite what the score displays.”

“Raina has a very uplifting personality that keeps us positive in times of distress. She keeps a level head and is really good at what she does on the team. Last game she helped us win in over time and helped keep me keep calm when someone tried to pick a fight with me.”

“She is always bringing energy and encouragement to the team, is super fun, and is one of our best players.”

“As well as being a leader on the field, she is a leader off the field, getting everyone ready for games and encouraging every player.”

Congratulations to Raina not just for being the second Sunshine State Player of the Week, but for impacting your teammates and coaches in such a positive way. Keep up the great work!