PRE-watch list why?! A disclaimer . . .

Grace Douglas, a senior at Bishop Moore Catholic School, exemplifies why the Florida Watch List was made. Grace is a player who loves the game, loves her team and plays a pivotal role on the field as a defender—she’s definitely a fun player to watch! She started as a freshman and contributed to her team as they won the State Championship in 2017.  Grace’s game photo shows who she is as a player and teammate.(SIDENOTE:  I realize that teenage girls pretty much hate every picture of themselves—so I apologize for some of the pictures as they were not easy to find (I know that girls will think-why did they use that picture). Next year, including a photo will be part of the submission process. 

Back to Grace--she definitely could have played in college, but she just didn’t desire that. There are lots of little lax girls in the Orlando area who will go watch Bishop Moore play.  Those girls will enjoy watching Grace play-especially the little defenders.  Grace embodies the heart of why the Watch List was created. 

The Watch List also has some amazing, well known, incredibly gifted players who will go on to play in college. The List is NOT a ranking-just a "shout-out" to some of the standout girls from Florida who are making an impact around the State.  There are some teams that have a lot of girls on the List.  Yes-that is because those schools have A LOT of incredible players on their teams. There are schools that unfortunately have no one on the list because no nominations were given and there's no stats entered for those teams on MaxPreps.

The purpose of the Watch List isn't so everyone gets a trophy but to have a PRE-SEASON list of players to watch which would: 

1. to honor girls who are working hard, and because of their hard work-they are outstanding players and younger laxers which helps to grow the game.

2. I hope the Watch List is helpful to fans of girl's lacrosse to know/identify player to go see on teams near them. 

3. The list will hopefully help players strive to want to be the best-which brings us back to hard work! I hope if girls feel left off-they will want to work harder!

And people need to nomiate players and coaches please get stats put into MaxPreps. MaxPreps provided information on players from around the state. There unfortunately were several good teams without any stats at all. Not every player will have a write up and MaxPreps in not an accurate source.

Stats are not perfect.  There definitely are impactful players who have minimal stats (defenders for instance). Stats however do tell a story.  There was not a perfect formula to formulate a Top 100 Watch List.  Thankfully my new friend - GirlsLaxFlorida has been super helpful in building the Watch List and photo collages. Coaches have also provided info on girls for the write ups and to help correct some inaccuracies.

In summary, Keep Working hard, Be proactive and contact us-we can't report on what or who we don't know.--SO submit players next year to the Watch List AND enter your Team stats into MaxPreps!!!

It's going to be a fantastic season.  Be on the lookout for info on how to nominate girls for the Sunshine State player of the Week! All the best to all you lax girls in the soon-to-start 2020 high school seasons!!