If Summer Recruiting Tournaments Don't happen...

I just read that the IWLCA cancelled ALL it's recruiting tournaments for 2020--including President's Cup which is at the end of November 2020. I appreciate the thoughtfulness toward the greater good and health. I wonder what other tournaments will follow suite and what will happen to the summer recruiting showcases and college camps. While I am an extremely optimistic person and ready for the restrictions to be lifted, this doesn't bode well in my opinion for summer recruiting.

I've said it before and will say it again, 2022s had better make some good highlight videos because they will be the key to their recruitment. Also, ironically the COVID-19 crisis might do what NCAA rules and the IWLCA have already begun by pushing back/slowing down the recruiting process even more. Girls from the 2022 high school class, do not have to commit this fall. If colleges aren't open, I would strongly suggest that no recruits commit until they can go to visit a prospective school, stay with a player in the dorm, go to class, watch a practice...all of those elements are essential in the decision making process. So all of the shutdowns may hit the pause button on recruits committing and actually lend time for the recruits to get to know the coaches and hopefully reduce the pressure and chaos in the fall.

It is an unprecedented time and something that no one could have envisioned. As 2022s make highlight videos from their past tournaments, I suggest also making videos of your wall ball, workouts and anything you are doing to train. You can send those to coaches and show your work ethic, motivation and love for the game.

Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on academics. Without corporate lacrosse, do extra preparation for the SAT and ACT tests. Don't slack off during the quarantine on your classes. Work hard in school and get good grades. Your grades are a big part of being recruited. You should be researching academic scholarships and finding out how to qualify for them. Academic scholarships, especially if they can be stacked with athletic scholarships, may be the single component that enables an athlete to get enough scholarship money to afford a school. With the NCAA allowing all 4-college grad years of the Corona Cancelled 2020 Collegiate Season to opt to return for a 5th year, looking for academic scholarship money will be huge for many athletes.

So--keep working--work on highlight videos, work on stick skills, work on cardio and agility, work on your school work, work on standardized test preparation...There's a lot of work to do! My new favorite quote is:

"You can do nothing about tomorrow. It is yet to come. However, tomorrow is in large part determined by what you do today. So make today your masterpiece. You have control over that!" John Wooden.

Ready to see all the masterpieces that y'all make!