I'm feeling 2022. . .

2022s--it's your time to SHINE!!! Your window is opening and you need to start looking through the window at the opportunities that are being shown to you.  Amp it up because this next year-2020-is the year you will commit--most likely.  Most D1 schools have wrapped up or are close to completing their recruiting classes for the 2021 grad year.  Don't freak out if you're a 2021, the window is beginning to close, but winter camps are HUGE for the 21s and 22s to go stand out and excel.  Several 2020s got offers after winter camps last year.  Choose wisely which camp(s) you will go to, BUT even though I do think (IMHO) that camps are meant to help enhance the coach's salaries, they are also an extremely important component to help you get noticed and also a way to express to the coaches that you want to go to that school.  Camps are better than Prospect Days-especially for those who are traveling from far away.  You typically get multi-days of instruction and it makes the camp worth traveling to.

Most coaches were mainly watching the 2022s at President's Cup.  The "general interest" emails have started rolling in and as you find out which colleges have "general interest" in you, there are several things you should do:

1.  EMAILS, EMAILS and EMAILS--Keep them short and sweet, but personal.  Send a  "Thank You" email to the coaches for watching you this fall and reiterate or express your interest in the school and explain why/what interests you about that school and program when you email.  Email the coaches and wish them a happy holidays and happy new year.  Keep in touch throughout your highschool season and let them know how it is going-AND-keep up with their season and watch in person or online as many games as you can and let them know you've been watching.  If you do these things, the coach will get the message.  Do not email schools in this way if you are not interested in them-only pursue schools that you really want to go to.

2.  Make sure you have filled out the recruiting questionnaire for the school.  This helps show your interest in the school.  Start honing in and talk to your coach/club director to see if you are targeting the right schools.  But, still fill out the recruiting questionnaire for every school you have any interest in.

3.  Go to camp at the schools you really like. If you get a personalized email (not a form email-you can tell by asking your club director or a good friend on your team-compare the camp emails) inviting you to the school's camp or a hand-written note--there's a good chance that your high on the schools list. 

SIDENOTE:  My daughters received several hand written invites to camps and went to those camps-and it doesn't always pan out.  One college coach joked that they should just hand-write postcards to get their camp attendance higher. Since the showcase tournaments are wrapped up until the summer-camps are how you get noticed in the off-season.


HUSTLE-be the first on the field, run from station to station, hustle during water breaks.

GO ALL OUT-similiar to hustle-but don't loaf or have bad body language, complain, look on your phone during water breaks...this should be self explainatory-but if you act like you could care-less if you are at the camp, you can kiss that school goodbye.

EMAIL the coaches before the camp and after.  Tell them why you're excited to come.  After-thank them and tell them the things you enjoyed and learned at the camp.

CHEER-you don't have to be fake-but cheer on your fellow campers, click sticks, be a good sport and hopefully you will have fun-but if you are not-fake it till you make it!  I know a lot of kids who HATE camps!  You get put on teams with random girls-many of which are ball hogs trying to impress-


It's much better to share the ball, clear space for others, talk on defense, slide, show your LAX IQ than to try to showboat.  Coaches want team players and not kids who are all about themselves!

So get out to those Winter Camps-normally there are less girls at a winter camp than to the summer camps.  I hope you can have a great time when you go, learn some lax, meet new friends and stand out to the coaches at camp this Winter!  It's your turn 22s!!