Emailing coaches is a critical component to the recruiting process.  Sending emails is almost a recruit's only form of communication before September 1st of their Junior year with a coach.  The only other way to communicate is to go to the school's camp and then you can really get to know the coaches, some commits, some players and see the school and all it has to offer.  Bottom line is that you need to send out emails!

I've spent several hours this week helping girls know "what to say" in their emails-so hopefully this simple information will help those of you going through the recruiting journey since for some kids emailing a lacrosse coach at your dream school may seem very intimidating!

First, remember that coaches are people, too.  One head coach at a D1, ACC school told us when we had our one-on-one recruiting meeting with him during the girl's official visit that he reads EVERY, yes every, email that is sent to him.  Another coach told us that they try to go see every recruit who emails them--which is where highlight videos are important because it gives the coach a glimpse of you as a player and helps coaches determine who to go watch.

So-by Wednesday before every tournament-preferably earlier and not any later, email all the schools you are interested in.  I think you should shoot for the moon and also have schools you email that are good fits for you academically and athletically.

Email format:

Dear Coach ... (include ALL coaches and even director of ops)

Open by introducing yourself.  Always state your grad year (i.e. My name is Taylor and I'm a 2021 attacker from Florida).  Talk about your school year & you can share stats if you'd like.  Tell the coaches briefly why you like the school.  BE personable and make your intro to your email interesting so the coaches will remember you.

Next, share what tournament you are going to that weekend and include your team name and jersey # and cut and paste the tournament schedule into the email or type it in-and make sure that you include where you are playing, what field and what time.

Ask the coach to come watch you play!  Share the name of your club coach and their email and cell number.  Close the email and include your email address and cell #.

If you don't have any coach's emails it may take some effort to fine them.  Sometimes coach's emails are in the directory of the athletic department or on the bio page of the athletic department website..  Sportsrecruits is great because as you type the name of the school into the email, it populates all the coaches' emails automatically into the email.

If you are not using a recruiting website-also make a lax bio page and attach it to your email.  Also include a link to your highlight video in the email.

If you have never emailed a school before, then include all of the above.  If you have emailed a school, you can just email your tournament schedule with a brief note before each tournament.  If you make a new highlight video, then email it to coaches.  IF you are going to a camp, email the coaches before going.  If there are coaches from other colleges at the camp, then make sure to email them as well if you are interested in their school.

So to make it easy if you are targeting over 10 schools, my girls cut and pasted the emails because a large portion of the email was the same BUT they would make sure to change the coach's names (don't forget to do that) and would also personalize the email for each school just a little bit-so they'd edit the salutation and first paragraph of every email.

Building relationships with coaches is the best part of recruiting.  Even though the communication is one-sided, make sure you send your emails out!! One coach would ALWAYS send the girls a camp email every time they emailed her.  It was just a generic camp email, but they knew it was her way of saying she'd gotten their emails.  We love that coach and always will.  It takes some work, but everything that's worth it takes work.  If you put in the time and effort on your emails (and have put in the time and effort on the wall, fitness & at practice), then you'll see it all pay off.  If you are too lazy to get the emails done, then you will see that actions have consequences.  Happy Emailing!