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“With each new day comes new

strength and new thoughts.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt.

Just like Eleanor Roosevelt, Bella Mims is inspired with each new day! “I really think that there is an opportunity every single day, especially now when I’m constantly growing. I never know what is going to come, and I get really excited when I wake up - knowing that everyday holds a new opportunity,” Bella admits cheerfully. With all the changes and uncertainties in the world today, having an optimistic and opportunistic outlook is essential to success. Bella is constantly working on becoming a better version of the person she was the day before.

Bella grew up in Clermont, Florida outside Orlando. Her Dad is self-employed and her mom is a fifth grade teacher. She only has one sibling, her brother who is 24. From first grade through third, Bella could be found on the baseball field. After those three years playing baseball, Bella felt like trying a new sport. “One day, Mrs. Gourdie, my teacher, mentioned to me that her husband, Chris, was the Stingher's Rec league girl’s lacrosse coach and she recommended that I try it out,” recalled Bella. “I am forever grateful to her for suggesting that I play lacrosse.”

Bella was immediately in love! She constantly had a stick in her hands. Bella’s stick became an extension of her body. She set her goal high to excel in every aspect of lacrosse as a player, person and a teammate. Bella quickly learned that lacrosse involved having an excellent basic skill set that you needed to work on constantly to improve. Then, you can always play without worrying about catching and passing which helps you to make critical decisions quickly on the field. Bella also worked tons on her stick because she loved the creativity of the game as well. She has scored many sick shots because she spent many hours practicing them. Bella does not regret one second of all the hard work and hours on the wall that she has put it. In fact, her deep love for the sport has made lacrosse an outlet and escape from any distractions life throws at her. “When I find myself under a lot of pressure at school or from friends, family or all my commitments, I go to the wall and it is my happy place.” states Bella. Lacrosse has helped her grow on and off the field and Bella has a strong desire to help the game of lacrosse grow so that other girls get to experience this wonderful game that has brought so much to her life!

Lacrosse is not just a sport which she plays and loves, lacrosse has given Bella an extended family of teammates who are like sisters to her. When asked what qualities make a great teammate, Bella had a lot to say. “Good teammates lead by their example,” said Bella. “They show up first, are the last to leave, they listen to their coach and they are engaged and always give 100% all the time while encouraging all of their teammates to do the same.” Bella added that a great teammate also includes players who have great energy, a positive attitude and effort at all times which carries over to the culture on the team.

When not playing lacrosse, Bella loves taking road trips with friends either to the beach, a new restaurant or just driving around and listening to music. “Music has always been a huge part of my life,” Bella shared. “From as young as I can remember, I’ve always found inspiration in how a song can make you feel and the memories that certain songs can bring.”

Another thing Bella learned at a young age was the importance of kindness. She found that there was a huge value in putting herself in another’s shoes because she learned by doing that it helped to change her perspective. Kindness and empathy help Bella be a good teammate and friend. With all that life can bring, Bella has realized that she always has a choice in how she perceives, reacts and handles circumstances that come her way. She knows the only thing that she can control are her actions and her response. Whether a circumstance is bad or good, Bella’s outlook is to view everything that comes her way as an opportunity to grow and progress in life and lax.

Although the Corona Virus cut her sophomore season at East Ridge high school short, Bella was on track to top her record-setting freshman year in which she broke her school's record for assists with 71 and tallied 128 points for the East Ridge record books. Following both her Freshman and Sophomore seasons, Bella was named as her school’s “Impact Player of the year." She was listed on MaxPreps as second in assists in the state of Florida. Bella helped lead her school to their first District championship and made the U.S. Lacrosse Orlando National Team which went undefeated during her freshman year.

Bella also just was named to the WPLL's future team.

Bella’s drive to be the best, her love for the game and for her teammates are something she aspires to have as a big part of her college experience. She can’t wait to build relationships with future teammates who have the same mindset and passion as her. Ultimately by being the best version of herself she can be, Bella hopes to inspire the next generation of little girls with the game that has meant so much to her! She is looking forward to September 1st and talking to college coaches. Although this summer‘s recruiting season has turned out different than expected, this '22 is still enjoying every day as she pushes herself to keep working hard and improving. For Bella everyday is a new opportunity to get better! Bella Mims is already an inspiration and some college coach is going to be blessed when Bella chooses their school!

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