CAITLYN WURZBURGER, Senior Attacker from American Heritage Delray committed to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill-even watching Caitlyn practice is fun!  She is the TOP 2020 player in the Nation. She was named to the ALL WORLD TEAM-she has too many accolades to list(try google).  She's a dynamic, amazing, hard-working player.  If you get to see her play, you will enjoy it-even if she's face-guarded -- she's still amazing to watch.  She's truly the best player to come out of Florida yet!!

OLIVIA ADAMSON, Junior Attacker from Lake Highland Preparatory School committed to Syracuse University.  Olivia was on the Australian U-19 team that competed in the World Championships this past summer.  She's an integral part of the offense helping to quarterback LHP with her solid stick skills, drives to goal and sharp feeds.

CALLI NORRIS, Sophomore Midfielder from Vero Beach high school.  Calli is one of the most sought after 2022 midfielders in Florida.  She's a presence on the field as  a true two-way middie.  Even though she's young, she will be a standout at Vero.  Can't wait to see which lucky college she chooses.

ANNA PALMISANO, Senior Midfielder from American Heritage Delray committed to the University of Denver.  Anna is a true two-way middie who has a knack for great back checks and is one of the fastest girls on her team.  She's a strong defender who set the school record  at Winter Park high school her freshman year with 84 ground balls.  Don't dismiss her on offense-she has a wicked hard shot.

BROOKE PAPENFUSS, Junior Attacker from Cardinal Newman high school committed to the Ohio State University.  Brooke is a lefty attacker and had several colleges drooling over her lefty crease roll finishes.  Brooke knows how to drive, score and feed and finish.  She is a fun player to watch!

VIVIAN SPENCER, Senior Goalie from Celebration High School committed to Cornell University.  Vivian is a super talented active goalie.  She's fun to watch because she is great at anticipating where the ball is going and reading the offense.  Young goalies should go watch her play!

ANA HORVIT, Junior Midfielder from Vero Beach high school committed to Syracuse University.  Ana is fast.  She's also shifty and has great dodges and takes to cage.  She had several schools recruiting her and like Olivia will head up north to Syracuse to be coached by the legendary Gary Gait.

GRACE HERRARO, a Sophomore Midfielder from Bishop Moore Catholic School. Grace is a draw specialist and solid two-way middie.  She is great on the draw and one of those players who quietly helps her team win games.  Grace is hoping to play in college-the school that picks her up will be blessed!

CASEY ROBERTS, Sophomore American Heritage Delray-Midfielder.  Casey can truly play any position which is why she is a midfielder.  She's tenancious on ground balls, fast, solid on defense and knows how to find the back of the net.  She has been named an all-star at many college camps and is a highly sought after 2022.  She does have a favorite college...can't wait to see if another one can possibly win her heart!?!

SARAH POKORNY, Junior Midfield/Attacker from Lake Highland Prep committed to the University of Denver.  Sarah is a presence on the field.  She stands out not just because of her size, but also her speed.  She's been playing on Varsity for several years and is an integral cog in LHP's success.  She will help step into Ainsley Thurston's shoes in helping to lead the Highlanders this season.

That's Day ONE folks-NINE more days AND 90 more girls to go!  Not every Day or every player will have full write ups.  Hopefully this List will be a guide for fans to know who to watch and the girl's who are named in the Top 100 will take this honor and work hard to represent their high schools and future colleges this season!