Day 8:

JORDAN VITALE, Senior Defender at Pine Crest school going to the University of Chicago in the fall. Jordan obviously is extremely smart since she is headed to the U. of Chicago. When Jordan steals the ball on defense and takes off down the field-no one will catch her. She's fast as lightning. Jordan is a team player and a knows how to play defense. Defenders are the smartest players on the field. Defense wins championships! Look for Jordan to help lead her team this season and in Chicago.

EMMA POLING, Senior Midfield/Draw Specialist at Bishop Moore. Emma is a great athlete and a fantastic lacrosse player. She is great on the draw, a force on defense and can take the ball to the net with the best of them. Emma had a severe injury and was sidelined for quite a while. Its great to see her back and playing the game she loves with her team mates!

ABBY PAK, Senior Midfield/Draw from East Ridge HS. Abby is another incredibly talented lacrosse player. Abby has great stick skills, speed, incredible dodges, she's awesome on the draw and the circle. Abby is a solid defender. Abby totally could have played lacrosse in college had she wanted to, but chose to forgo lacrosse in college and will instead retire her cleats and her parents can bronze them. Abby had 100 points last season and was almost equal in goals and assists. She also snagged 71 ground balls and led her team to their 1st ever district championship. Abby has been a captain for 3 years. She was her teams MVP for 2 years. East Ridge has a solid, strong team! Watch for Abby to lead this group of talented girls back into the playoffs again this season.

STELLA GORIN, Junior Attack from Jupiter High School and looking at several different colleges. Stella is a stellar attacker. She has great dodges and feeds. She's an awesome finisher and is a definite leader on the field. She's a hard worker and is constantly seeking advice to find out what she should practice and hoe she can improve her game. She is quick to re-defend. Stella is a great attacker for little lax girls to watch. She will lead her team's offense this season.

CAROLINE MCCARTHY, Junior Midfielder at West Orange High School. Caroline is a super intense, fast, tough player who really is fun to watch. This year will be special and Caroline and her little Sister Maddie (freshman 2023) are going to work their sister mojo together to get West Orange back to the playoffs. Caroline can score and she can do it with pizzazz. Caroline has aweome stick skills and can throw a twizzler or BTB at will. Caroline is definitley probably one of the best 21 midfielders in Orlando if not in the state. Caroline's aggressiveness and passion are super fun to watch!

LEXI FISCHER, Sophomore Midfielder from Viera high school. Lexi enters her sophomore year after an amazing freshman year where she scored 82 points with 65 goals, 17 assists and 91 ground balls. Lexi is the ground ball queen! Although she's just a Sophomore, watch for Lexi to lead her team to a second straight successful season.

CHANTAL JIMENEZ, Senior Midfielder at M.S. Douglas and headed off to the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the fall. Chantal steps on the field and when she steps off, she knows she played with all her heart and has no regrets! Chantal is a captain and leader on the field. MSD made a run to their Regional championship falling short to Pine Crest. Look for Chantal to help lead MSD to another deep playoff run!

KATE PISCOPO, Senior Attacker at Bishop Moore heading up to Longwood in the fall. Kate was named a US Lacrosse All American last year. If you watch her play more than once, you'll recognize her signature back door cut and finish which she has perfected over years of practice. Kate's motto is "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!" Kate has worked on her skills and shot and is a leader on the Hornett's offense.

KAITLYN PATTERSON, Senior Defender from T. R. Robinson high school just committed to Webber International this week! Congratulations Kaitlyn for finding a place to bring your powerful defensive skills. Little lacrosse players in Florida will get to watch Kaitlyn play for years to come. Kaitlyn is a 2-year captain at Robinson and her proven leadership will be an integral in helping Webber to build a new women's lacrosse program.

LAILA VIATOR, Junior MiddieAttacker from Hagerty HS. Laila is a lefty. This Huskie is ready to step in where Katie Williams left off. Laila had 74 points last season and grabbed 48 ground balls. She's the highest scorer on the HHS basketball team and is ready to set the offensive pace for the girl's lacrosse team this season. Laila is a captain. Laila and her teammates are ready to continue their winning tradition and get back to their 3rd straight final four!