ELLIE RIEGNER, Senior Attack at St. Thomas Aquinas and going to Rutgers University in the fall. Ellie is a quarterback for her team's offense which is probably one of reasons she was a captain as a junior. She can see the field and has a sense for where her teammates are cutting and zips the ball right into their sticks. Her mastery from 'X' and great feeds garnered her as one of the top players in assists in the state. Ellie has great vision of ball and timing when distributing. She has one of the best elevation moves to cage from the low right position. Ellie can drive to goal and roll the crease to finish like the best of them. She is so big and strong and she will truly be an asset to the not just to STA but at Rutgers as well. Go out and watch Ellie quarterback her team to the State finals.

ASHLEY THURSTON, Junior at Lake Highland Prep and committed to Stanford University. Ashley is the draw master! Being 5'11" helps but Ashley not only directs the ball where she wants it to go, but she has perfect the box-out to make sure she ends up with the ball. Ashley played multiple sports growing up and she excelled at all of them. She joined her sister in playing lacrosse and made a name for herself with her stick skills, height and speed. Ashley is a great two-way mid and is stellar on the transition. Her reputation as one of the top 2021s in the country grew from her dominance on the draw circle. This season Ashley is ready to step in as a leader on the Highlanders. You'll be extremely impressed with Ashley if you go watch her play!

LACI PIETROWICZ, Sophomore Attacker from East Ridge HS. Laci is a baller. She's small but mighty and quick. It doesn't matter what the size of her opponent happens to be, Laci always goes hard and is fearless whether she is on offense or defense. She is also extremely tough on the ride. Her freshman year, Laci scored 57 goals and had 93 points which is outstanding. She was a big part of her team's first ever District championship. Laci looks to help lead her team back into the playoffs this year.

CHLOE MAISTER, Senior middie/defender at Pine Crest furthering her education and lacrosse career at Cornell University in the fall. Chloe is wickedly fast. Chloe can play as a midfielder, base defender and backer. She has incredible speed, tenacity, and intensity. She even worked hard on her shooting so that it would improve anytime she went on the offensive side. She is a major asset to her team at Pine Crest and was named as an All American last year. When you watch Chloe, you'll be amazed at her cheetah-like speed. Chloe was on the England National U19 team and is a very accomplished lacrosse player who only started playing club lacrosse 2 years ago. Chloe plays with all her heart and is a super fun defender to watch.

AINSLEY HUIZENGA, Junior Middie/Draw from American Heritage Delray committed to William & Mary. Ainsley has the total package. She's tall, athletic, beautiful, quick, smart and makes her presence known on the field. Ainsley can crush the draw with her long reach and strong box out. She's quick to ground balls and great on the transition. Ainsley rocks D and is a tough opponent to be matched up against. Ainsley also has a hard take to cage-one of the most powerful in the 2021 class. Ainsley has a right-side underneath move that opposing defenders can't stop. Look for Ainsely to be crushing it between the 30s with her team this season.

KORI THEISEN, Sophomore Attack/Midfielder from Lake Highland Prep. Kori has tremendous stick skills as an attacker should. She is able to attack the cage from low to high. She is a team player and steps into whatever role will help her team the most. Kori can score and feed the ball to her teammates. Though young, she is going to be an offensive leader this season. Hopefully you catch Kori playing for the Highlanders over the next few months.

KYLIE HAZEN, Senior Attacker from American Heritage Delray heading to compete on the field and in the classroom at Georgetown University in August. If you've ever had a conversation with Kylie's high school and club coach, he will tell you that Kylie used to be a bench warmer (it's one of his favorite stories). Kylie used to not start. Through hard work, determination and armed with the Wall Ball Chaos routine that her coach gave her Kyle worked hard every day to get better, Kylie earned a starting spot on her team. Putting in time, effort and the will to succeed was the key to fashioning Kylie Hazen into one of the top 2020 Attackers in the country. Kylie's hard work had many college coaches wanting her skills and work ethic. All that work paid off in a commitment to Georgetown! What a success story! Kylie is amazing off-ball. Her left hand is as fluid as her right. Kylie is big and strong and her 1v1 take to cage is absolutely awesome. Kylie is fast which is an asset to her when dodging and on the re-defend. Kylie will sometimes play middie because she is a great well rounded player who will do anything for her team. Kylie has worked super hard and continues to improve. She is a force to watch and all little laxers should learn from Kylie's story.

ELLE RADER, Junior Mid/D/Attack from Winter Park High School. Elle can and will play any position asked of her. She will not just play where there is a need, but she will play every position well. She's a tough defender-great at knocking down passes and she's a ground ball machine. She is an awesome backer and as a defender is smart and knows when to slide, call for help and protect the eight. Elle is also great on the circle. The past few years, Elle has mainly played attack and has shined. She has great cuts, crease roll takes to cage and is an accurate assister. Elle has got the goods and she also as smart as you can be which carries over on to the field and her game as well. Elle is going to be an asset and leader on the Wildcat squad as they look to advance to the playoffs this year!

AVA YOVINO, Sophomore Midfielder at St. Thomas Aquinas school. Ava is by far the fastest lefty in all of Florida. She was honored as a US Lacrosse All American as a Freshman. Not only is Ava fast, but her dodges to cage are phenomenal and smart! Last year, Ava found the back of the net quite often. Ava is good on the circle and really quick off the line. Ava and her team mates have a great chemistry together on the attacking end. There are a lot of talented players at St. Thomas this season. Look for Ava and her teammates to do some great things this spring.

CLARKE HAAS, Senior Attack from Gulf Breeze HS and heading to the the Savannah College of Art and Design to play lacrosse and get a fabulous education. Clarke is a huge component on the offensive end at Gulf Breeze. This lady dolphin helps to control the ball and plays a huge roll in scoring and assisting. Clarke had 66 points last season. Clarke is also crucial on the transition. She's a great player who shined last season and is ready to finish her high school career strong. All the little laxers in the Panhandle have some great players to watch at GBHS.