ISABEL SEDWICK, Senior Middie/Draw specialist from Winter Park HS going to Loyola University (MD) this fall. Izzy is good at everything she does whether it’s getting a 5 on an AP test, perfecting her 8 meter riser (while losing hundreds of balls over her fence) or teaching herself to play piano from a YouTube video, Izzy will master what she puts her mind to!It's a Good thing that she’s super smart because she’d lose her head if it wasn't attached. Izzy is an incredible athlete but yet the ultimate team player. She will play anywhere her coach needs/asks including goalie and she was an awesome goalie. She became a self-taught draw specialist not just by watching hours of videos-which she did-but then she spent HOURS practicing and perfecting her skills. She's never a showboat. She will be the leader at Winter Park this season!

SAMMY FISHER, Junior Middie from Stoneman Douglas committed to Elon University. Sammy has the speed of a gazelle and the tenacity of a tiger. She came back to lacrosse after taking a hiatus and her hours of hard work have paid off as she has improved exponentially. Sammy has a hard take to cage and she is a titan in between the 30s She will be a player to watch at MSD..

KATE HANLON, Sophomore Mid from Lake Highland Prep. Kate has been killing it between the 30s for the Highlanders since 8th grade. She was name as one of Lacrosse Magazine's 2022 All Americans. Kate will play anywhere. She's a threat on offense and scored a goal in the State Championship game as an 8th grader. She gobbles up ground balls on defense. Kate has also been an Under Armour All American. She's a solid team player and will make the college coach that snags her up very happy. Make sure to look out for Kate if you get to watch the Highlanders play.

SARA PALMISANO, Senior Attack at American Heritage Delray going to the University of Denver in September. Sara is a true lax rat. She’s a kid who does wall ball every day because she loves it. She’s a self motivated, hard-worker who is ALL about her team. Sara always strives to be the best. She has a high lax IQ and knows how to cut, clear space, set picks, feed and score. She has a wicked back-side cut and finish. Some parents call her gumby because she can move and catch anything that comes her way. Sara loves the creativity you can play with and if you get to see her play, you will notice her stick skills. Great stick skills are mastered from hours of practice and Sara has some of the best stick skills of any player in Florida. One last thing for all the young attackers to watch if you get to see Sara (and her teammates) play is how hard she rides and re-defends which is a must if you want to be a great attacker!

JAYCEE ENGELHARD, Junior attacker at Cypress Bay HS who is committed to the University of Cincinnati. Jaycee is a US Lacrosse All American and one of the best players ever to come out of Cypress Bay HS. Jaycee has a tremendously hard take to cage that many college coaches loved. She has a phenominal lax IQs. Jaycee plays unselfishly off ball - providing picks/screens to all in many instances during each game. In open spaces she is hard to stop with her four step dodge and hard shot driving at full speed. She has been a menace to goalies for years. We cannot wait to see Jaycee dominating again this year.

SOFIA GUTTMAN, Sophomore Midfielder from St. Thomas Aquinas. As a freshman, Sofia was out much of the season with an injury but when she got in to play, she hit the field running and made an impact on her team. Sofia is extremely fast and knows how to move the ball as a middle. She is one of the top 2022 midfielders in Florida and as a true, two-way mid, Sofia knows how to move the ball on offense and find the back of the net. She is a solid defender and is going to play a huge role in her team’s success this season.

JACKIE NORSWORTHY, Senior Attack/Mid at Lake Highland Prep going to be a Gator in Gainesville at the University of Florida this fall. Jackie goes all out when she plays. She was an integral part of LHP’s run to the State Championships last year. Jackie is fast and great on the transition. She is a scoring threat with a hard take to cage as well as playing tough D on the ride. Jackie is a player who can dominate the field. There's going to be lots of little laxgirls watching her play this season.

GWEN SAVIDGE, Junior Attack at the Benjamin school. Gwen has been outstanding at Benjamin since she set food on the field. She was a strong contributor in Benjamin's run to the State Championship game. With the loss of 7 seniors, Gwen will step up at Benjamin and play a huge roll this year. Gwen has a great lax IQ and rides hard on the re-defend. She has a knack for getting open and can feed the ball well. Look for Gwen to be quaterbacking the offense at Benjamin for the next two seasons.

PERI RIEGNER, Sophomore Attack at St. Thomas Aquinas. Peri worked hard her freshman year and has grown and improved as an attacker. She is super quick and knows how to move, when to cut and she can take it to cage. Peri’s dodges are swift and her footwork and agility have improved tremendously through lots of extra practicing! She’s another cog in the strong wheel of great players at STA and these girls should make a deep run to States and most likely will win their class this season.

HOLLY PRUITT, Senior Defense at Cardinal Newman will play at Elon University in the fall. Holly is super fast and has a tremendous lax IQ when it comes to the defensive side of the ball. She is one of the best help sliders in the game down here in Florida. Holly is a fantastic high defender where she excells. She's has a third sense and will suddenly come out of no where and intercept the ball. Holly also plays midfield for her high school. She can do it all! Holly is a defender worth watching.