Day 10 + 1 to grow on

LINDSEY HENDERSON, Senior Defender at Winter Park HS going to Lee University in the fall. Lindsey set high goals and accomplished them.Lindsey's basetball background is a great asset to her defensive play. Lindsey has grown as a player year-after-year. She is super coachable and is a defensive difference maker. Looking forward to see what Lindsey and her teammates do this spring.

GABRIELLA CONNELLY, Senior Midfielder from Riverview High School heading to Florida Southern. Gabriella plays both sides of the ball well. She looks like an athlete. She had 58 points on offense and picked up 16 ground balls.

ERIN KELLY, Senior Defender at St. Thomas Aquinas moving on to Swarthmore College in the fall. Erin has a love for lacrosse and a strong desire to have lacrosse play a role in helping her to get a phenominal education. She plays a critcal role on STA's Defensive squad. Look for Erin to be a great team player and watch how her talented team works together on defense.

MIA WILLIAMS, Senior Goalie at Winter Park high school. Mia is a fast, spunky goalie who can stop everything. She has strong clears and is a great communicator to her defense when protecting the pipes. Mia had several colleges interested in her skills and may a still find a place to get a degree and get to continue playing lacrosse. You'll enjoy watching Mia in goal-she's one of those entertaining goalies.

SHANE O'SHAUGHNESSY, Senior Attacker at Bishop Moore heading to be a regular student at the University of Alabama next fall. There's not much regular about Shane. She's pretty fabulous! Shane has improved her skills at low attack and is a quarterback feeding the ball to her teammates on offense. Shane has a great take to cage. Beside being a vital part of the Hornet's offense. Shane epitomizes her team's motto 1HEARTBEAT in her play, by getting her team mates pumped up and Shane even makes incredbile videos of her team for her team. Shane's passion makes her super fun to watch play.

SHANNON DUFFY, Senior Middie/Draw Specialist from Vero Beach high school and will play lacrosse and further her education at Babson University. Shannon is an awesome two-way midfielder. She is strong on the defensive end and can find the back of the cage and feed team mates on the offensive end. Shannon's specialty is the draw. She's very effective in winning the ball for her team and helping to transition it down to score. If any little laxers like taking the draw, they should try and get to one of Shannon's games.

LAUREN GOULET, Senior Defender from Bishop Moore. Lauren was committed to Wofford whose new coach did not honor any of the committments from the previous coach. Lauren loves lacrosse and is part of a great defensive unit at BMCS. Lauren is a great team mate. Lauren and her team will surely have a memorable and successful season.

LIZZY CHRIST, SENIOR Attack/Midfielder at Gulf Breeze high school committed to the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Lizzy is the go-to girl on the Dolphin's offense. She is outstanding on draw controls, freakishly fast and can play both ends of the field well. Look for Lizzy to work with her team mates to get their offensive fires flowing.

CHARLIZE SKEPPLE, Senior Attacker at Apopka high school. Charlie started her lacrosse career as a goalie. Charlie was an amazing goalie. She had quick hand-eye and great clears. After a few years, she decided to go for bruises on her arms instead of legs and wanted to give the position of attack a try. She has great stick skills and well timed cuts. Being a former goalie, Charlie knew how to place her shots. Charlie won her team's offensive award. If you're out in Clermont or Apopka go check out this talented goalie turned attacker and you won't regret going to watch her play.

AMANDA MCCABE, Junior Defender at St. Thomas Aquinas committed to Furman University. Amanda is a tall, fast, smart defender at STA. She had several colleges interested in her and she is going to make an impact at STA these next two seasons and will kill it in college as well. Amanda also helps on the transition. The defense is full of talented players at STA and Amanda is definitely one of those stud defenders.

SARI KAUFMAN, Senior Defender from MS Douglas who chose not to play lacrosse in college--she is going to Yale for the next four years. Obviously Sari is smart - she's going to Yale. Sari is an incredible defender (One of the best high school defenders in Florida). Sari is also a simply amazing girl...after the tragedy at her school, Sari became a spokesperson against gun violence...she gave speeches, she wrote multiple articles that were published in many different magazines and news conglomerats. What does this have to do with lacrosse?? nothing. Sari -a captain at MSD is a remarkable lacrosse player who would have been happily snatched up by a coach. Her life drastically was forever changed which brought about a new focus and direction that did not include pursuing lacrosse beyond high school. EVERY player on the watch list has make their mark on lax in Florida in some way. EVERY lax girl's playing days are going to end-some sooner than others. Sari is an incredible example of a great athlete who found a greater purpose.

As this 2020 season begins (and for many girls on this list, their lacrosse days are numbered and will soon be coming to an end). Make the most of this season. Write out a season statement about what you want to accomplish and what you want to be remembered for at the end of the season. You do not have to be named on a watch list to be an impactful player. Work hard and be a great team mate, have a great attitude AND enjoy each day, each moment...let the season begin...