Beginning with the season's start and continuing through the end of lacrosse season, F

Llaxgirlnews and GirlslaxFlorida will be accepting nominations and will name a weekly Sunshine State Player of the week. The nominations will give every girl an opportunity to be nominated and those awarded the honor will also be highlighted on social media. It's a great way to grow the game and let everyone know about possibly an amazing player from a more unknown school who maybe didn’t get on the Watch List or you may nominate a player from the list who you saw play and they were super fun to watch. You can nominate a teammate or an opponent.  Coaches can nominate players and even fans can make nominations (including parents who are the biggest fans of all). ALL are welcome to submit nominations.  BUT—PLEASE submit deserving players (& include a picture)! 

The girls who are chosen as Sunshine player of the week need to be the kind of player who is a big contributor to their team not necessarily in just stats but as a presence on the field. 

When nominating a player-share WHY the player is like sunshine on their team-not bright and cheery, but a powerful and life-giving player who impacts practices & games through their hard work, attitude and actions. 

The Sunshine State Player of the week will be posted every Wednesday during the 2020 season!

At the end of the high school season, the 2020 Florida Sunshine State Lax Girl of the year will be chosen from all the girls who are nominated throughout the entire season. 

The final award will be voted on by an independent panel of outsiders.  The more you share about the player whom you are nominating, the greater consideration that player will receive.  My dream is to turn the Florida Sunshine State Lax Girl of the year award into a scholarship one day.

Can’t wait for new nominations to roll in and to see some Freshies nominated who stand out and hopefully some may be highlighted this year as Sunshine Player of the week or even of the year.

Let's keep growing and honoring the game!!