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Casey's basketball days

Little Casey the goalie

casey and marc roberts

Casey's Corona Quarantine Grind

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Casey & her Dad - now & then

Get to know '22 midfielder Casey Roberts...

       Everyone finds motivation in different ways. Casey Roberts begins her week with a little motivation from her dad. Every Monday morning, Marc Roberts sends out an email to family, friends and even some of Casey's teammates that is chock full of inspiring quotes, stories and challenges. Casey absorbs the inspiration which fuels her passion and competitive nature. Casey's goal is to reach her full potential not just in lacrosse, but in life! The words shared by her Dad, a former D1 baseball player, have helped to shape Casey into the person and player she is today.

       Casey tried every sport she could during her elementary days.  When she was playing club basketball, her neighbor saw her shooting baskets in her driveway.  A former lacrosse player from Syracuse University, Casey's neighbor shared the sport he loved.  Like a good lacrosse neighbor, he put a lacrosse stick in Casey's hands. It was love at first stick!  Casey had found her sport.

       After the neighborly introduction to lacrosse, Casey found a REC team to play on in 4th grade. In those early years, she stepped in to play as a goalie. Young kids who play goalie are always team players--willing to play wherever they are needed. Casey epitomizes that. She explains,"Your job on a team is to help your team be successful in whatever that roll may be...A great teammate puts the team first!"

       The teams that Casey plays on are highly successful because of their team cultures. Her high school team, American Heritage Delray, was the 2018 Florida State Champions. Casey not only began playing on Varsity at American Heritage in 7th grade(private school) but she started. Similar to her high school team's high level of play and success, Casey's club team--the Florida Select 2022s--is equally stacked with an amazing group of players. Both Casey's high school and club teams are nationally ranked. 

           The tide is changing in Florida lacrosse.  Casey is riding the wave of an elite level of lacrosse which has provided opportunities to play against the best high school and club teams in the country. These Florida girls compete and they also win!  

       The teams which Casey plays on not only have caught the eye of many college coaches, but they've helped Casey grow and develop as a lacrosse player. Casey shares,"I think the best coaches are the ones that push you to reach your full potential not only as a player, but also as a person. I've been blessed to play for coaches like that and hope to play for a coach like that in college also."

       A rising Junior in the class of 2022, Casey can't wait to be able to finally talk to college coaches. "I want to play lacrosse in college because I love this sport more than anything and I want to play at the highest level possible," says Casey. Casey's lacrosse resume proves she is capable of achieving that goal. She was a standout on the 2019 Under Armour All-American Command South team last summer.

       Casey's eyes are fixed on the prize. She's interested in several great schools including: Ohio State, Stanford, UNC, Penn State, Denver, VA Tech, Syracuse and Duke. Casey's work ethic, experience and competitiveness are going to make her an incredible addition to the college where she chooses to go. Until then, Casey's grind and hard work will be evident every time she steps on the field.  Casey is part of the accelerated growth of lacrosse in Florida and one of those lax girls who is going to make waves at the next level.

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