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Why the Website and blog?

I LOVE Lacrosse!  I fell in love with lacrosse later in life.  Actually, I really pretty much enjoy all sports, but lacrosse captured my heart.

I had no idea what lacrosse even was until my girls began to play.  My husband had to show them a YOUTUBE video so they could see what the sport was all about...

I bought my kids used sticks at PLAYITAGAIN sports.  They were terrible sticks but at least they were girl's sticks and not boys!  Within a year, the girls were ready for some good sticks and got on the waiting list for the STX CRUX500 which they paid for with their own money.  Several months after getting this very expensive stick --the plastic rail tore (for good reason--because they were well used and played with). Thankfully the girl's coach at the time, Rick Gierok (Orange Crush) was great at stringing sticks and taught my girls & I how to string a stick. (Every girl should know how to at least fix their top string)!

When the girls first started playing lacrosse in 4th grade, all of the parents were new to the sport & we found ourselves constantly asking Siri to learn about the many rules after a call was made. If you've never watched girl's lacrosse before, there is a lot to learn to understand what is going on. But lacrosse is definitely the most enjoyable sport to watch. It's fast with a lot of scoring!

Within a year, I had gotten sucked into helping out as a coach.  Fake it till you make it-right.  I actually started to do wall ball with my kids, and we would throw & catch (which I aptly named "Catch anything" bc I wasn't very good) and I attended the US LACROSSE  Level I, II & III trainings (which were great).  I basically had very little lacrosse skills and knowledge, but I did my best, learned as much as I could and truly fell in love with the game.  Not long after I started coaching, I also became a ref.  It was fun, but not easy.  I was slow to blow my whistle and struggled trying to get the hand signals down.  I loved officiating for the little bitty laxgirls the most and enjoyed seeing such young kids loving lacrosse & having fun. 

I have Parkinson's Disease and coaching, officiating and trying to become somewhat adept with a lacrosse stick seriously slowed the progression of the disease!  I'm very grateful to lacrosse for giving me some special extra years of somewhat normal health and wonderful times with not just my kids but also all the girls that I coached. I loved each and every one of them!

Lacrosse was and will continue to remain a huge part of our family's life.  My kids set their minds to play in college when they first began travel lacrosse.  They were total lax rats and spent hours in the backyard playing and practicing togeteher. 

Suddenly, the girls were playing lacrosse  year round and we traveled all over.  We went from our home state of Florida to New York, MD, PA, NC, GA, VA and out to Colorado, Oregon, Arizona and the great state of Texas!  The girls learned that Floridians were not really respected as lacrosse players.  This made them work even harder to prove that kids from Florida are ballers.  The top-ranked girl from the covid-hit class of 2020 is one of the girl's closest friends and she is the hardest working kid you could ever meet!

Hard work pays off! My girls dream to play D1 lacrosse came true when they fell in love with the University of Denver(GO PIOS!) and committed to attend school there and play lacrosse.  They love Coach Liza Kelly (She's awesome)! They absolutely love the University of Denver & all of the girls who are on the team and their class of 2020 signees is extremely close.  Coach Liza told them that they are the 1st girls from Florida to commit to Denver. Since going to Denver, one more Florida girl has arrived and two more heading out west to Denver in 2023.The girls have worked super hard. Playing lacrosse in college is not easy-it's not easy to keep your spot and new, talented girls come in each year.  You have to keep working, keep a good attitude and keep yourself aware that you are part of a team.

This blog/website/twitter feed was created for EVERY girl from Florida WHO IS working hard to achieve her dreams!!! There was a need for coverage of high school and youth girl's lacrosse in Florida so here it is-- a place dedicated to girl's lacrosse that will recognize ALL the lax girls who love & play the sport.  Florida lacrosse is growing and gaining more respect with each commit and every team that plays up north.  Florida lacrosse is no joke! This is the place to celebrate the growth & success of girl's lacrosse in Florida!

Please help share this website and the Twitter account with anyone you know who loves lacrosse-especially those lax gals from Florida!!

ALSO-contact me with ideas, game scores from club, high school and help me stay up to date with our Sunshine State girls who go play at the next level-we have a huge state with more and more girls playing lacrosse and I'm one lonely lady with Parkinson's-so all help is appreciated.

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