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2022 Middie/Attacker Laci Pietrowicz--from Long Island to Florida--chasing the dream...


Laci scoring in Vail, CO


Laci #45 with her 1st club team after a tournament win

      Laci Pietrowicz’s dream to play lacrosse in college began in the Mecca of lacrosse—Long Island, New York. It was 4th grade, Laci’s lacrosse team got to play at halftime of the Stony Brook women’s game. “It was exhilarating and I knew right there that I wanted that feeling to continue,”recalls Laci. “The big field, the stands, the fans, everything about it was amazing.”

      Ironically, Stony Brook was playing the University of Florida that day. Little did Laci know that she would be moving to Florida that summer. Thankfully, Laci found a local lacrosse team in Florida after moving from Long Island. Playing lacrosse allowed Laci to meet new friends and eased the transition of moving from NY to Clermont, Florida.

      If compared to a player, Laci is like former UNC standout Giana Bowe. She may be petite, but she plays with all heart and makes a difference for her team between the thirties. “I enjoy hearing how people think I am so little that I couldn’t possibly be a good player, I like to prove them wrong every time,” shares Laci. Size does not matter in lacrosse. Laci is quick and determined. Laci likes to push herself and embraces challenge.

       Though much of her time is spent on lacrosse and school, Laci enjoys her job working at a retirement home. “Sometimes, I am the only person that they may talk to that day,” says Laci. “I enjoy brightening someone’s day.” Laci’s days are not just brightened by the smiles she gets at her job, but by also volunteering at the Special Olympics. She loves bonding with the athletes and there’s nothing quite as rewarding as seeing them give it all they’ve got to accomplish their dreams.

       A rising junior at East Ridge high school, Laci is working hard to accomplish her dreams in life and lacrosse. “I want to play the game I love as long as possible and then move on to my career,” states Laci. Her dreams schools include the likes of Stony Brook of course; Jacksonville; Duke; Boston University; Adelphi; American; Stetson; Queens University Charlotte; Florida Southern and LeMoyne. The Rookie Player of the year last year on her high school team is ready to prove that she’s got the heart, hustle and athleticism to contribute at the next level. One day soon, it will be Laci inspiring the next generation of young lacrosse girls who are playing at halftime of one of her future college games.

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